Barn tracker let's you view all the barns on the farm.

As Platinum Token holder, you can see the daily open/closed state of the barns to make an informed guess on if the barn is in Nurturing/Courting phase.

40 days of data is presented which is more than enough to cover the longest taking breeding durations.

Look at the OPEN/CLOSED column where the most-right icon represents current dates open/closed state.

❌ means the barn was closed all day, ✅ means the barn was open for some time for the day.

In the above screenshot you can see that the barn with ID #602 started breeding 11 days ago (since it has 11 ❌ from the mostright). Barn being a level 3 structure; if you want to go for high CHOPS, it is time to attack as the Nurturing will be starting in 2 days. If you want a G2, wait for 2 more days

There is still a risk of having a higher alpha wolf or a farmer protection in the barn which is not an available info.

⭐⭐ As Platinum Token Holder, all of your barns status are hidden from this tool. ⭐⭐