Wolf Game Power Tools

The most powerful Wolf Game extension

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Platinum Gold Silver
Community Insights
My Sheep
My Lands
Sheep at Community
Globals Tool
Navigator & Camera
Limit Orders Limit 5 at a time Limit 1 at a time
Auto Jug Drink
User Tracker
Barn Tracker Last 30 days
Hide My Barn
My Sheep Monitoring
Auto Farmer Protection Limit 2 at a time
Sheep Auto Claim Limit 4 at a time
My Wolves A5 and A6
Free Peak Tools
Resource Market 0 Commissions
New Features Maybe Maybe
Total Supply 100 300 500
Price Increasing Tiered Pricing 50% of Platinum 30% of Platinum

Feature Gallery

Screenshots from some of the features

The mission


Realtime Data

All the data in Power Tools you see is near real time


Ease of use

Seamlessly integrated with the game, no tab switching is needed to lookup the data you need



Get ahead of the competition with limit orders, auto farmer protection and barn tracker

Amazing Features.

Everything is included in one tool!


My Sheep Tool

Manage your flock easily, see claimable/lootable resources, see the weather info, multiplier, farmer protection, breeding and recharging data. Neighbor insights to decide where to collect efficiently.


My Wolves Tool

Manage your wolves, view neighbor communities best sheep to attack. See the best chops collected communities to deploy your newborn wolf.


My Lands Tool

See all your lands in table view. The only tool that shows the actual tax collection data of your lands. Know the best performing lands of yours. Enable auto-tax claim not to miss collection deadlines. Track your structures.


User Tracker Tool

Build a local leaderboard to track other users. Put their OpenSea name, ENS or address to start a competitive leaderboard of your own.


Barn Tracker Tool

For all the barns in the valley, know which days the barns were closed or open. This way you can make precise decisions on which barn to attack with your wolf. Also have your barn data be hidden by simply owning the tool.


The Exchange

Limit Orders! The most profitable tool that earns you in-game resources with minimal effort. Put the exchange orders and let the tool do the work for you.


The Journal

Keep track of most of your actions such as wolf attacks, sheep claims, limit/market orders, land tax collection and download them as CSV for offline analysis and tracking.

The Resource Market

The first tool that made WOOL available in AMM. Pay no commission for the trades you make in the popular Resource Market as you own Platinum token of Power Tools.

Quality of Life Improvements

Let the tool find the community and location of the land given land id, camera movements with keyboard, be able to jump from land to land with the Navigator.